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Our Services1

Full stack web development

Full stack web development includes backend integrations with any 3rd party API's, cloud architecture and setup, database setup with models and schemas to structure your data, but you didn't come here for tech talk you came here for a cutting edge solution. Just know the most up to date technologies are always used in development of your project. We will take care of your server setup, and deployment.

Project management

Our project management team excels in a system called agile development. We use this system to communicate effectively with our senior developers and their team to make sure deadlines are met and features are implemented correctly. You can have complete confidence in the development of your project while being at ease, knowing your technology is being handled efficiently with complete transparency throughout the process. You will be invited to our project management software so you can see our weekly sprints and be updated in real time.

Mobile development

Our IOS and Android development team includes all senior developers and expert designers. Our team is world class for a reason, and that is so that your code is scaleable. If your app scales, we can scale with you as an extension of your technology team. We offer a CTO(Chief Technology Officer) service that has been very successful with our clients, just take a look at our latest projects below.

Vurtual reality & Augmented reality

We have skilled, vetted VR/AR developers. Be it retail, manufacturing, education, tourism or healthcare; Virtual Reality offers enormous opportunities for enterprises to transform their brand engagement and experience. Apps Global can help you leverage VR/AR as a strategy to deliver new experiences to your customers and boost profitability of your business.

UI/UX Design

We work closely with our clients to create pixel perfect high definition design, vision and relevance. We solve problems and enable brands to deepen customer engagement.

Latest Projects2

Plei - IOS app and management system

Easiest way to reserve and pay for your soccer fields.

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Vite Exclusive Events - IOS app and landing page

Vite is the ultimate experience for local events. Vite connects event organizers with event seekers, and matches them instantly. Event seekers are able to swipe through events, requesting an invitation for each event you are interested in.

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